me, on a good dayElecting to live in the gray areas since 1979, Jennifer has a staggering shoe collection, and still denies wading in the shallow end of the thought spectrum. Currently residing in the Bellingham, Wa area, she has honed her sarcasm skills as well as her fillet knives. Armed with these sharp instruments, she is not someone to contend with. She puts people off with ease, goes out of her way to make awkward situations, and has mastered one skill: burning bridges well before their completion. At the end of the day, when all guards are dropped,  you just may catch a glimpse of the elusive dancerella streak that runs through her as she grooves to local music when most others are sleeping.

Living with Jennifer is an aggressive, mentally unstable 5lb yorkie chihuahua mix, who only occasionally goes by his given name of Murgetroid. Having lived with Jennifer since a young age, we have found proof positive that insanity is linked more to upbringing than genetic predisposition. Recently added to the mental ward is Baker, a troubled pup who also goes by the moniker of “Georgio Pathetico”, who also is Murgetroid’s father, Kiki, a sadistic orange tabby who gets his kicks by smacking around the fiesty terror pups, Baby, a extremely large and mellow cat who has displayed severe anxiety about making her mind up about inside or outside, Cow(ard) who is bipolar, going from shy to vicious to a moment’s notice, and Noname, a cockatiel, who just wants to eat her seed in peace.