Yup, I said it, I admit it, it’s true. Now shut the hell up about your pompous, self-righteous food stance. I agree, animals are typically tortured to be meat/product producers amongst many other things, and we really shouldn’t be eating an average of 275 pounds of beef alone every year, but honestly, get off your high horses. Anytime I see a meat based food recall posted by Food, Inc. on facebook, so many people hop on to say how they’re proud to be vegan. Well, good for you. Go be vegan, and shut the hell damn up if you don’t have anything more constructive to say.

There are many right paths to eating, and the gist is pretty simple: (stolen form Michael Pollan) eat food, mostly plants, not too much. This is a great mantra, especially when dinner tonight is locally caught salmon (go Lummi Nation, even if you primarily gill net… oddly, not a whole lot of bycatch, so yay for that) featuring the best from Joe’s Garden, a local farm stand with produce from the surrounding community to flesh out their own grown). The bulk of the calories surely will still come from the salmon, but most of the nutrients will be coming from the fresh head of lettuce, carrots, radishes, beets, and whatever else I can find fresh at Joe’s for this time of year… I’m hoping for tomatoes. Anyway, I’m not going to throw down my carnivorous moments down your throat, or tell you how being vegan you can suffer from malnutrition (so not true), because honestly, you can survive just fine on a vegan diet. But there is one thing I will advise all vegans/ vegetarians: don’t eat a large amount of soy protein. It can wreak havoc with your hormonal balance in some seriously bad ways (especially soy based baby formula for boys: no bueno. It’s like giving them birth control pills) increasing your hormonal based cancer rates (breast and prostrate). That being said, I love all you vegans, but shut the hell up about it until I invite you over for dinner. Thanks.